Jerrold L. Foote

Jerrold L. Foote

ScopeCraft, Inc.
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Kanab, UT 84741
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Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics

California State Polytechnic College, June 1969.

Baylor Medical School, Houston, Texas, 1970

Certificate in Classical Physiology with Modern Instrumentation

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1971-1973. 

Graduate courses in Material Science and Engineering



Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)

International Amateur Professional Photoelectric Photometry

Salt Lake Astronomical Society

Director, Vermillion Cliffs Observatory

The Society for Astronomical Sciences

Center for Backyard Astrophysics

Astronomical Society of the Pacific



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Professional Experience:

During the time Mr. Foote was studying for his B. S. degree (1964-1969) he worked as Research Fellow at the Wiley Windsor Memorial Heart Research Foundation in Los Angeles. He was responsible for data reduction and instrumentation design for the cardiovascular drug testing procedures used at the Foundation.


Joining the Division of Artificial Organs at the University of Utah School of Medicine in 1969, Mr. Foote applied his knowledge to the design of safety monitoring devices for the artificial kidney. Two of these devices were subsequently transferred by the University to the private sector and became the basis for a new company (Vital Assists, Inc.).


In 1973 Mr. Foote was appointed Research Instructor in Surgery and his work emphasis shifted to the artificial heart program. During this time two key areas of research were investigated which led to the ability to monitor and control the artificial heart from external drive parameter measurements. During 1974 and 1975 it became clear that most of the major problems facing the success of the artificial heart centered around the mechanical stability and bio-compatibility of the materials. These problems demanded that a means be found to rapidly replace the ventricles. Mr. Foote was able to solve this problem by designing a quick-connect system, which is used on the Jarvik, Symbion and Utah 100 artificial hearts.


In 1975 Mr. Foote left the University and joined Questronics, Inc., a company formed previously in 1972 by himself and two associates for the purposes of contract product development. One particular product, a response time measurement system for Wide Area Networks, was developed for the State of Utah Information Systems Computer Center and proved to have wide appeal. A business was built around similar products of this type and in late 1975 Mr. Foote was elected President and Chairman of the company. In 1982 the company had a successful initial public stock offering and was traded on NASDAQ.


In July of 1985, Mr. Foote, desiring a closer contact with the product development phase of the company, stepped down as President and became Vice-President of product development.Late in 1988 the company, desiring to broaden its technology base as well as provide an investment opportunity for its excess capital, located a suitable candidate and a merger was consummated. As a result of this merger into Globesat Holding Corporation, Mr. Foote was again appointed President of Questronics, and was also appointed a Director of the holding company.


In 1990, Utah Governor Norman H. Bangerter asked Mr. Foote to become the Deputy Director of the State of Utah's Office of Business Creation and the Centers of Excellence Program. In this position he, along with the Director, administered an annual budget of $2.5 million which was invested in end stage technology in the Utah research universities. These funds were dispersed into 24 Centers of Excellence after an extensive review process, and had an average return to the State of over $35 million annually from the newly created companies.

As part of the Office of Business Creation for the State, Mr. Foote was actively involved in helping small high technology start-up businesses from both the Centers program as well as from outside parties. This help was primarily in the form of networking the start-ups with the financial, legal and industrial infra-structure within the state.


At the conclusion of Governor Bangerter's term in 1992, Mr. Foote joined Merit Medical Systems, Inc. as Director of Technology Assessment where he was responsible for the evaluation of new technologies that were either complimentary to or augmenting of the existing core technologies of the company. In all cases the emphasis was on long term planning and growth for the company as well as providing unique products for the Company.


In October of 1993, Mr. Foote was asked to become Vice-President of Research and Development for Merit where he directed a staff of 28 Engineers and Technicians in the U.S. and four engineers in Galway, Ireland in the development of new products for the company. Merit's products are used in the cardiac catheter lab and enjoy a dominant world market position. The types of devices range from disposable specialty syringes to pressure transducers to peripheral catheters In addition to his direct responsibilities at Merit, Mr. Foote had oversight development responsibility over Sentir, Inc, a wholly owned silicon fabrication foundry in San Jose, California. This foundry produces high yield pressure transducers for medical and industrial use.


On October 1, 1999, Mr. Foote left Merit Medical Systems, Inc. to dedicate all of his time and energy to the development of ScopeCraft, Inc. Current projects involve the development of the SC-2438, DriveScope, and WinScope Systems.

As a consultant, Mr. Foote has designed both optical and mechanical systems for use in astronomy and LIDAR applications. These systems typically involve large aperture optical components for use by government and private sector researchers.

In addition to his professional duties, Mr. Foote is an avid amateur astronomer and is Director of the Vermillion Cliffs Observatory which is devoted to education and research.



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