WinScope Software is written for the Windows environment and provides complete control over the telescope pointing and focusing. Winscope sends low level commands to the TC Card which then drives the motors. It contains nine standard catalogs of objects and allows the user to generate custom observing lists either from these catalogs or from outside sources. Commands for GoTo, Focus, Add Current, Load positions and Abort are available from the main window. In addition, the main window can be reduced to a small stay-on-top window that shows telescope position and focus controls during imaging or data collection.
WinScope allows complete control of the operating parameters of the drive system:
  • Telescope home position
  • Telescope Longitude and Latitude
  • Hand paddle slew speed
  • Hand paddle guide speed
  • Telescope acceleration
  • Micro steps per full rotation in Right Ascension
  • Micro steps per full rotation in Declination
  • Jog slew size for RA & Dec
  • Jog guide size for RA & Dec
In addition to controlling the TC card directly there is software supplied that will allow the telescope to be controlled by third party software by setting the TC card into LX-200 mode. This mode downloads the above drive parameters into the TC Card and then commands the card to begin accepting Meade LX-200™ commands. The supported LX-200 commands are: CM, F+, F-, FF, FS, GD, DR, hP, MS, and Q. Additionally a special command, #:EX# returns the TC Card back to WinScope command mode.
Download a demo version of WinScope v1.06 (pdf format 1.4M)
Main WinScope Window
Standard Star Catalogs Provided with WinScope:
  1. FK5
  2. Harvard Revised
  3. Henry Draper
  4. SAO
  5. NGC2000
  6. Cataclysmic Variables
  7. Flamsteed
  8. General Catalog of Variable Stars
  9. Named Stars

These catalogs have been derived from the Astronomical Data Center CD-ROM Volume 4