Company Profile

Jerrold Foote and Cindy Foote formed ScopeCraft, Inc. in 1998 in Salt Lake City Utah. The company moved to a remote location tucked under the Vermillion Cliffs near Kanab, Utah in 1999. The remote location is one of the darkest sites in the western United States and is relatively free from air pollution.
Construction of the manufacturing facility was completed in April of 2000 and houses a complete machine and fabrication shop as well as an electronics department. ScopeCraft does not fabricate optical components however we work closely with most of the large optical fabricators.
The initial product of ScopeCraft is the DriveScope System, a complete scalable computer controlled drive system for telescope builders. This system can be configured to control telescopes of a wide variety of sizes simply by using different motors.
Since the founders have been building custom telescopes for over 25 years on a personal basis, a considerable wealth of knowledge on what works for large telescopes had been amassed. Putting this knowledge to work led to the design of the SC-2438 telescope. Building of the SC-2438 began in May 2000. This 24 f/3.2 telescope utilizes full roller drives for superior pointing and tracking. The camera is mounted at prime focus and telescope operation is fully under computer control.
By utilizing a computer aided design software to design all of the components, we can then test the components under computer simulation for flexure. These designs and tests are standard in all customer orders.
In October 2000 we began construction on the Vermillion Cliffs Observatory. The primary instrument is the prototype of the SC-2438. As part of the Center for Backyard Astrophysics (Utah chapter) the telescope is in continuous operation every clear night. To date, seven publications in professional journals have resulted from data collected by the Observatory.